Values And Goals

  1. To carry out basic and applied research, to encourage and coordinate, to provide consultancy services, to organize scientific meetings, courses and seminars on the causes of earthquakes, their formation, their effects on engineering structures and people, and the reduction of earthquake damage,
  2. To conduct, encourage and coordinate basic and applied research on earthquake engineering issues, to organize academic and scientific meetings,
  3. To communicate and cooperate with similar centers at home and abroad, to help develop in-service courses and programs, to provide and disseminate knowledge.
  4. In order to prevent earthquakes from causing loss of life in Turkey, our university is represented in the best way by raising awareness of the public on this issue and ensuring that they take the necessary precautions, by providing the public with education activities on the subject and making important contributions to the recognition of our university.
  5. In addition, by publishing many international and national articles on the subjects briefly summarized above, by preparing books, presenting papers at various meetings, giving conferences and participating in panels, a contribution is made to the scientific literature and our university is ensured to gain an important position in the scientific community in the fields of earthquake, earthquake engineering and disaster management. .


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