General Activities





  • Within the scope of informing and raising awareness among the main duties of our center, many television and radio channels have participated on behalf of Gazi University, and evaluations are made on many different subjects such as earthquake, disaster education, disaster management, urban transformation, earthquake hazard and risk in Turkey, and studies to be done. In 2021, it was featured in around 50 television programs, around 10 radio programs, and around 100 in print and internet media. In addition, every time a medium and large earthquake occurs, many different media organizations are informed about the earthquake. In this way, we contribute to both informing our people and promoting our university in the best possible way.
  • Presentation and Information was given to the Parliamentary Research Commission, which was established for the purpose of determining the precautions to be taken against earthquakes and the measures to be taken to minimize the damage of earthquakes, TBMM, 10.02.2021, Ankara
  • Istanbul Project Coordination Unit; Presentation and Information about our DEMAR Center was made for possible cooperation with IPCU, (operating since 2006 to manage earthquake risk prevention activities in Istanbul under the Istanbul Governorate Special Provincial Administration) 15.06.2021, Istanbul
  • Within the scope of the 95th Anniversary activities of our university, 375 personnel were given the 'Disaster Preparedness and Rescue' in order to increase the knowledge of the General Directorate of Security, Police Search and Rescue personnel during the Earthquake Week on March 1-7, to ensure that they specialize in their field, and to train personnel with the knowledge and skills that will be needed in the field of Emergency and Disaster Management. Training was given on 'Disaster Management'.
  • Earthquakes occurring in and around Ankara are transmitted online to our "Data-Processing" center from 11 weak and 18 strong ground motion stations established within the Research Center, and Format Conversion, Evaluation, Archiving and Data Distribution are performed on these data. Our center is the university with the second largest station in Turkey with this number of stations. This network, called ANKARA-Net, operates in accordance with the principles stated in the vision and mission of our Center, and works in connection with AFAD Turkey National Strong Ground motion database (TR-KYH) and National Weak Ground motion station network and Turkey Earthquake Data Center System can be monitored 24/7 over station networks. The data received from our few working stations were transferred to AFAD.
  • The meeting held at AFAD within the scope of the Disaster Awareness Education Cooperation Protocol between Universities for the 2021 Turkey Disaster Education Year was attended and information was given about our DEMAR Center.
  • A survey was conducted with the reeves, who are among the target group of the Disaster Preparedness and Awareness Trainings given within the scope of the cooperation between universities in the 2021 Disaster Education Year. The research is based on the data obtained from 6678 reeves representing Turkey in general. In his work, headmen; the level of knowledge about disasters, awareness and preparedness for disasters were investigated. The aim of the research is to guide the studies carried out to increase the level of disaster awareness and preparedness.
  • Support was given to the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction activities required to be prepared within the scope of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction Office Sendai Disaster Risk Reduction Framework Action Plan.
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